When it comes to bone health, the importance of calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D is no secret, but there’s another nutrient that is just as crucial. It’s just that most people are unaware of it, despite the fact that deficiency can induce bone deformities, poorly formed joints, and reduced contents of cartilage and collagen — conditions that are all too common as we age. Organic silica, also known as silicon, is the mineral that deserves big recognition, considering how vital it is. Silica and Osteoporosis Since the 1970s, studies have confirmed that silicon is an essential mineral for bone formulation and mineralization. One study even proved that silicon supplementation induced a significant increase in bone mineral density in women with osteoporosis, more than the prescribed medication known as etidronate. And osteoporosis is no joke – it’s estimated that as many as half of all

According to, this is what they say. A substance will only take effect if it can be absorbed by the body, so bioavailability is the key to creating a supplement that delivers proven benefits. Bioavailability is a measure of how easily a substance can be absorbed by the body. In pharmacology, for example, it refers to how quickly a drug enters the circulatory system and reaches the desired area, so that it can take effect. Nutritional scientists are well aware of the importance of bioavailability. For example, when you eat, the food is taken into your digestive system. Some of the useful nutrients are then absorbed into your bloodstream and are either stored or used by your cells. However, because your body is not perfectly efficient, some of the nutrients are excreted or destroyed in the stomach and intestines. Macronutrients such as carbs

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